Monday, March 30, 2020

How much? - The Nugget Saloon - Deadwood, SD

I like my Sunday morning Bloody Mary's, that's a given.  When I'm on vacation and looking for a good place to fill my desire for a breakfast Salad and I see a sign in the window advertising "The best Bloody Mary in Deadwood, SD" I'd find it almost impossible to keep myself from trying it on a normal day leastways a Sunday!

Just look at that picture above.  Look at it again!  That is a huge piece of spicy bacon in this bad boy. The garnish choices in this version were well though out and compliment the drink without adding or taking away too much from the drink itself.

Admittedly, I did not have time to try EVERY Bloody Mary in town, but based on what I experienced in the Nugget, I'd wager their claim is probably correct.   

The price is high at $10, but you do get top shelf liquor and the garnish alone probably costs them 1/4 of that price.  I mean, look t that BACON!  WOW.

Taste:            8
Garnish:       9
Ambiance:  7  (The place was empty, but it was early in the day.)

Total Bloody Mary Score: 31

Monday, March 23, 2020

Broken Yolk Cafe - Temecula CA

Visiting family and looking for a place to have Sunday brunch when we saw the Broken Yolk Cafe in Temecula, CA.  Yes, it's a chain and chains are hit and miss, and even this location was hit or miss when it came to the drink in question. We came to this location 3 times while we were in town and the Boody Mary you see above was the best of them all.

Look at that Garnish!  Look at that rim! I have nothing bad to say about it in the least!

I have not been to many of their locations, but if they all have food as good as this one and Bloody Mary's I might find myself there more often!  Time will tell.

Taste:           7
Garnish:      8
Ambiance:  7  (Clean and neat.  Great Staff!)

Total Bloody Mary Score: 30

Monday, March 16, 2020

Camping and Hiking relief - Carlee's Borrego Springs, CA

While hiking and camping with family in Anza Borrego between X-mas and New Years my Aunt suggested we stop in at Carlee's for lunch and a drink.  Me being me, I ordered the drink pictured above.

Carlee's take on the Bloody Mary is simple.  Not a ton of flash and pizazz, but just a good down to earth simple libation that hit the spot after a day of hiking.  While it won't win any prizes or finish top in my ratings, there is something to be said for it's simplicity.

Borrego Springs doesn't have a lot of things that other towns may have.  There is no McD's, not even a Starbucks or a Subway.  What it does have is residence in the middle of a beautiful area, a simple charm, and exactly what you need without a ton of frills.  Oh, and they have Carlee's, and judging by the size of the crowd there on the day we visited, that is a very good thing to have.

Taste:           7
Garnish:      5
Ambiance:  7 

Total Bloody Mary Score:  25

Monday, March 2, 2020

Big T's - Lawton Michigan

I first went to Big T's in the 90's before I had kids.  I've always loved their food and their beer menu that boasts over 300 beers from all over the world.  After moving out of state, we still find ourselves visiting during every visit and, aside from friends and family, it's my only real reason for coming back to Michigan.

Looking back I never thought I'd see myself ordering a Bloody Mary at Big T's in lieu of some frotsy beverage from the beer menu, but it's become a Sunday brunch staple for me to consume at least one provided I can find one, and Big T's delivers.

Their take on this drink is simple, yet marks all of the boxes of what a good Bloody Mary needs to be.  There is not an over abundance of garnish, but the way the garnish sits in the drink itself adds to the taste and not just the aesthetic.  It's damn tasty and fills my sunday craving when I'm in town.

Presentation: 7
Taste:            8
Garnish:        6
Ambiance:    8

Total Bloody Mary Score:  29