Monday, March 30, 2020

How much? - The Nugget Saloon - Deadwood, SD

I like my Sunday morning Bloody Mary's, that's a given.  When I'm on vacation and looking for a good place to fill my desire for a breakfast Salad and I see a sign in the window advertising "The best Bloody Mary in Deadwood, SD" I'd find it almost impossible to keep myself from trying it on a normal day leastways a Sunday!

Just look at that picture above.  Look at it again!  That is a huge piece of spicy bacon in this bad boy. The garnish choices in this version were well though out and compliment the drink without adding or taking away too much from the drink itself.

Admittedly, I did not have time to try EVERY Bloody Mary in town, but based on what I experienced in the Nugget, I'd wager their claim is probably correct.   

The price is high at $10, but you do get top shelf liquor and the garnish alone probably costs them 1/4 of that price.  I mean, look t that BACON!  WOW.

Taste:            8
Garnish:       9
Ambiance:  7  (The place was empty, but it was early in the day.)

Total Bloody Mary Score: 31

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