Monday, April 6, 2020

Jimm's Steakhouse and Pub - Springfield MO

We made a few stops on our way from Ohio to Arizona last fall and one of those was in Springfield Missouri where we parked our camper for a few days while we saw the sights (Yes, there are sights to see in Springfield).  The camp hosts recommended a few places we might like to visit for a bite and one of those was Jimm's Steakhouse and Pub.

The food at Jimms was very good and my wife and I enjoyed our visit there, but we aren't here to talk about the food.  Jimm's take on the Bloody Mary is very much your standard.  I didn't notice anything to set it apart from numerous other Bloody's that I've had at many restaurants.  It had the standard garnish, could possibly have been made with a pre-mix, and it did the trick.

That is not to diminish Jimm's at all in any way, and you SHOULD visit Jimm's if you are looking for a good meal in Springfield for sure.

Taste:           7
Garnish:      7
Ambiance:  8 

Total Bloody Mary Score:28

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