Monday, April 13, 2020

T-Bone Tom's - Kemah, TX

I know what you're thinking, "Is that a cheap plastic cup?", and you are right.  Despite the unsophisticated glassware, this Bloody Mary was excellent.  It had just the right amount of spice, the cucumber works better for me than the usual stalk of celery, and it had enough alcohol that you could just taste it without it dominating the other flavors.

T-Bone Tom's, which has been featured on Diner's, Drive-in's, and Dives, has established themselves as one of "THE" restaurants you have to visit if you are in the area.  I had  "Tom's Choice", a 14 oz marinated rib-eye and it was the perfect meal with my Bloody Mary.

The restaurant featured a live band the night we went and combined with the food and sitting outside near the water it was a memorable time.  I highly suggest you try it if you can. 

Taste:          8
Garnish:      7
Ambiance:  8 

Total Bloody Mary Score:29

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