Monday, April 20, 2020

Benson City Grill - Benson, AZ

Our tradition of having brunch, and of course a Bloody Mary, carried us to Benson City Grill soon after we arrived to stay for a few months over the winter.  The location was nearby and is located in the club house for the local municipal golf course.

One wall of this establishment is windows, looking out to outside seating, the golf course, and beautiful views of the Dragoon mountains to the East.  It made for a satisfying place to have a bite and a drink.

The food options are limited, but very tasty, however to our dismay there weren't many breakfast options that we were looking for.  We knew this going in, so it's not their fault, but ours for not having yet explored the local options.  I do recommend a visit if you are in the area, but plan for more lunch than brunch.

Now to the drink.  It was very satisfying, however there was nothing of note to set it apart.  It was surprisingly "run of the mill" in contrast to some of their more bold food menu options.

Taste:         6
Garnish:     6
Ambiance:  8 

Total Bloody Mary Score:25

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