Monday, March 2, 2020

Big T's - Lawton Michigan

I first went to Big T's in the 90's before I had kids.  I've always loved their food and their beer menu that boasts over 300 beers from all over the world.  After moving out of state, we still find ourselves visiting during every visit and, aside from friends and family, it's my only real reason for coming back to Michigan.

Looking back I never thought I'd see myself ordering a Bloody Mary at Big T's in lieu of some frotsy beverage from the beer menu, but it's become a Sunday brunch staple for me to consume at least one provided I can find one, and Big T's delivers.

Their take on this drink is simple, yet marks all of the boxes of what a good Bloody Mary needs to be.  There is not an over abundance of garnish, but the way the garnish sits in the drink itself adds to the taste and not just the aesthetic.  It's damn tasty and fills my sunday craving when I'm in town.

Presentation: 7
Taste:            8
Garnish:        6
Ambiance:    8

Total Bloody Mary Score:  29

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